Buy More Than Just a Shell

There are many people that create an account for the thing that they are trying to sell or get a lot of people to notice. Many people have figured out that social media is a great way to get free advertising, if enough people follow. I know that my favorite stars like to pose with products, so I can see that since they are getting paid millions by these companies that there is something to it or they wouldn’t do it. Some people buy real instagram followers instead of creating shell accounts. Those accounts are the kind that are just made up with a picture and then they are used to like posts and follow people so that the said person or product will have more people following them. I think that having real followers is important because it will show people that there is more to it than just people trying to set up an account just to have their number of followers go higher.

One of my friends was trying to start a large follower account so that people would buy her socks and I did not think that she was going to do well because she is a teen that was just looking to make some money. She had her friends tag her in posts so that their friends would see the account and may be curious to see what their friends were posting about. After she set this up, a lot of people started to follow her because they saw their mutual friends liking the account. I wanted to make sure that there were going to be people paying attention to her account, so I logged on and tagged her in my account and all of the other people who liked my account followed hers as well.

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