The Club Shall Open Soon

The club is going to be opening in about two weeks, it is going to be a big relief for me because the boss is really sweating bullets. He probably should not worry about it, after all the guy is loaded and so is his mother, his father and all of his grandparents. I have known him since I was in junior high school and he had money then, before he got his trust fund. At any rate today he was talking to me about how to get more followers for all of the social media sites. Of course that really is not something that will matter in the long haul, because when you are running a club what matters is what the clients say. It matters double for the immediate future, until we are established. We intend to book the best bands that we can get, which is where I am supposed to be critical. You want to get people in the place, then you want to make sure that they all have a great experience there. That way when they leave the place they will tell all of their friends how awesome you are and everything will be great from there.

In fact Jack is just doing this as a hobby. He is going to build himself an apartment beside his office, which is going to look down on the whole place through a huge one way window. I never really saw one of those before, not in person. It is the size of a wall and you can not see through it unless you are standing on the right side of it. So this is a job for me and it is playground for him, but it is his money and if it goes South on him I shall just find a different job.

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